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This intense cosmetic treatment to reinforce blondes. Thanks to the Biacidic bond complex and the Baobab extract it strengthens the hair fibre, helping to prevent breakage, for nourished hair, immediately brightened.


  • Helps to prevent hair fibre breakage.
    Up to +40% of resistance to hair breakage if the Intense treatment is left to act for 5 minutes.*
    Resistance increases up to +57% if the Intense treatment is left to act longer, for up to 10 minutes.*
    The hair is elastic, nourishes and tamed.

    Manufactured in 100% CO2 neutral Davines Village.
    Packaging made of post consumer recycled plastic, 100% offset.
    CO2 offset product, from raw materials to your hands - excluded use phase.

    *Instrumental tests on strands treated with the Heart of Glass system (Shampoo, Intense Treatment and Rich Conditioner) compared to untreated strands.same formulations without the extract.

    Additional Info

    Biodegradability: 89,2%.
    %of Natural Origin Ingredients: 87,2%.
    All formulations are silicone-free.

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